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Classes & Workshops

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New Moon 

Meditation Sound Bath


Meditation teacher and sound healer, Donna Michelle, guides us through a portal into new beginnings with a powerful new moon meditation sound bath. Raise your vibration and call in all that you are ready to begin manifesting. By referencing your astrological birth chart, we will explore the areas of life in which this new beginning is taking place and set intentions in our sacred circle accordingly.

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow. Hydration is recommended on the day of our session. No prior knowledge about astrology is required; guidance will be provided! 

Tuesday, March 21st

6:30-8:00 p.m.


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Planetary Magick



Planetary Magick is a wonderful way to add another layer of magick to your personal practice and daily life. It can give you the the tools to understand, harness, + direct the energies of the planets, their corresponding days, and even their hours. 


In this course we will dive into the planets, the magick they offer, + ways to actively work with them in your daily life. After this course you’ll have a working knowledge of the planets, their influences, + how to use that to your advantage. We will also talk about how to develop a deeper relationship with your chart ruler + how to find out and work with the TimeLord of your personal year. 


Working with these energies can bring ways to work with planetary retrogrades as well as, better communication, opportunities, abundance, personal power, + love in all different ways. 

Wednesday, March 22nd

6:30 - 8:30 pm


About the Instructor: Meghan has been a part of the magickal & spiritual community for over 15 years. She has trained in multiple modalities such as Reiki, Vibrational Therapy, IET, and Crystal healing to name a few. Her magickal expertise is in the realm of ritual magick, rootworking, and divination.

Her first love was writing and psychology which is reflected in her academic career of having a degree in Professional Writing and her degree in Neuroscience and clinical psychology.

She also has 10 years of occult and esoteric studies which she constantly pursues to gain more knowledge for herself and for her clients. As she has grown in her practice she has interwoven the spiritual and scientific approaches in order to treat the whole person instead of just the pieces. She offers ritual magick, ritual tools, ritual candles, workshops, readings and healing sessions.


About the Instructor: Bridgette has long been interested in the intersection between spirituality and the human experience. She's chased this passion throughout her life, studying various religions, philosophies ,and all manner of esoteric beliefs. She believes that within all these tools lies the opportunity to better understand ourselves and others. 

With her eclectic background, she applies this principle to the Tarot - seeking not to predict the future, but to uncover our truest selves and engage with them to manifest the best our lives can be. Tarot is not about seeing all that is yet to pass, but understanding who we are and what our potential could be. Bridgette hopes to utilize these skills to enrich the lives of everyone around her.

Growth: Deepening Your Tarot Practice
A Seven Part Course  

This seven class course will look at the tarot cards one by one in a strategic way to expand your understanding and continue to build your relationship with your deck.


Each two hour class will cover a different section of the tarot and build upon each other. You will learn about key terms and symbols of the cards, helpful correspondences, and how the cards of the deck are connected to each other to help deepen your understanding. By the end of this course you will have a fuller expertise of each card, what they mean, and why in order to advance your tarot journey.


This course contains: two classes on the Major Arcana, a class on each of the suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles, and a class to tie them all together with the Court Cards.


Every class will be on the fourth Friday of the month, with the exception of March, which will be held on the fifth Friday, so you can plan accordingly!


Built and brought to you by Bridgette of Chelsea Moon Tarot and the Foundations of Tarot Class and the Tarot Workshop.

Major Arcana Part 2
Friday, March 31st

7:00-9:00 p.m.

$100 for In-Person Class


$45 for Virtual Class

The Major Arcana Class Description: The Major Arcana- the most recognizable cards of the tarot deck. The meanings of these cards are known to be a part of the collective subconscious. Understanding these archetypes can be quite the task on your own. This two part class will help unravel the mysteries and provide insights to start reading the Tarot with confidence. Together we will discuss key systems that give the cards their meanings: astrology, numerology, and symbology. We’ll also discuss key terms and themes of each card as well as how the cards are inter-related to each other. 

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