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Tarot Readers Social Club:
Tipsy Tarot Edition

What is this event?

Social event focused on discussion of tarot (not a class!)

Who is it for?

Fluent/advanced and professional tarot readers 

Thursday, March 28th | 7-8:30 pm


Event Description: This is a Tipsy Tarot Edition of the Tarot Readers Social Club! Enjoy your favorite adult beverage while chatting about tarot with us! Snacks and cups will be provided but BYOB. 

Tarot readers unite! Join us for a fun evening of talking tarot and hanging out with like-minded folks. We'll explore the deeper meanings behind the cards, discuss how tarot impacts our lives and practice, and engage in a bit of self-exploration with support of our peers. Expect an evening of reflection, laughter, and connection! Bring your cards with you. 

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