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The Wren + The Raven Presents


Readings are by appointment only

Midsummer Night Market

Friday, June 23, 2023 
6:00-10:00 pm

Our Midsummer Night Market will include a talented group of artists and makers selling their wares, tarot readings, astrological birth chart readings and a shop-wide sale! Celebrate summer solstice with shopping, readings and summertime merriment! The longest day, and shortest night, of the year is here! 


Readings are by appointment only
*Date, City & Time of Birth Required

Artists, Makers & Readers

Surly Girl Soap

The Dark Amethyst Moon

Jenna Park Art

The Spell Jar Bar

Kelly Stires Jewelry

Wildcraft Wellness Co.

The Bruja's Tomb

Ellie Lou Ceramics

Meghan, Doctor Witch

Cassandra Londono


The 2023 Summer Solstice, the first official day of summer, falls on Wednesday, June 21st (in the Northern Hemisphere). This date marks the longest day, and shortest night, of the year when the sun is in the highest position in the sky. 


Throughout history, cultures all over the world have had festivals honoring the summer solstice.

One such festival, Midsummer, is a European, pagan holiday welcoming the start summer. It is considered a time of good fortune, healing and potent time for love magic. Common Midsummer activities would include collecting flowers for decoration, singing, dancing, feasting and gathering around bonfires. 

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