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About the Reader: Meghan has been a part of the magickal & spiritual community for over 15 years. She has trained in multiple modalities such as Reiki, Vibrational Therapy, IET, and Crystal healing to name a few. Her magickal expertise is in the realm of ritual magick, rootworking, and divination.

Her first love was writing and psychology which is reflected in her academic career of having a degree in Professional Writing and her degree in Neuroscience and clinical psychology. She also has 10 years of occult and esoteric studies which she constantly pursues to gain more knowledge for herself and for her clients. 


As she has grown in her practice, Meghan has interwoven the spiritual and scientific approaches in order to treat the whole person instead of just the pieces. She offers ritual magick, ritual tools, ritual candles, workshops, readings and healing sessions.


In her Tarot Readings Meghan believes to go deeper so that her sitter can see the entire picture and be able to form an answer and solution to their questions or situation. Each session is customized to the sitters needs. 

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