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part educational forum | part social circle | part coven 

Imbolc Cleaning Swap 

During Imbolc we turn our thoughts to the end of winter and the coming spring. In preparation for the change of seasons, we invite you to clean out your altar or ritual spaces to make room for new energy. 


Bring your old tarot decks, witchy books collecting dust, crystals, or that altar cloth you bought but never ended up using, and swap with other folks for items you might want or need! Please focus on ritual/witchcraft related items for this event.


If you don't have anything to get rid of we recommend writing down instructions for your favorite ritual or coming with seasonally appropriate items for an altar (flowers are a great option for spring) to trade with.


Refreshments will be provided! 

Thursday, Feb. 8th | 6:30-8pm


CommuniCraft is a monthly gathering of like-minded people looking to exchange ideas, explore relevant topics and learn from each other. Part educational forum, part social circle, and part coven; CommuniCraft’s goal is to provide a space where folks can explore the magic of connection to learning, to community, and to themselves. 

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