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Creating a Spring Perfume Oil:
Resins, Florals & Fruits

What is this event?

Essential oil aromatherapy perfume blending workshop 

Who is it for?


Friday, April 26th | 7-9 pm


Event Description: We are starting to see evidence of Mother Earth awakening from her months long slumber. Blades of emerging greenery along with crocuses are the telltale sign that Spring is right around the corner.

Let’s capture the aroma of the season in a handmade blended aromatherapy perfume using a curated selection of resin, floral and fruit essential oils. In this workshop guided by Bella Cirovic you will learn the basics of aromatherapy blending for wellness and lifestyle. By the end of the workshop you will know aromatherapy oil blending basics, safe dilution tips and have your very own unique Spring perfume oil.

** Bonus, create a Spring Room Mist using the Bella’s selection of Spring Oils.
All the supplies will be provided for you.

Bella Cirovic.jpeg

About the Instructor: As an impassioned lover of nature, Bella Cirovic works with earth and plant medicine for deep soul examination, sacred ritual, and ceremony. She has married her passions for perfumery, aromatherapy and herbalism for the purpose of lifting and supporting the mind, body, and spirit. Bella is the owner of Intention Blends, a small batch oil perfumery in Wayne, NJ.

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