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Otherworld Perfume & Ritual Oil

Otherworld Perfume & Ritual Oil

As you wander alone through the woods a mist appears along with the soft scent of flowers and earth. The Otherworld lies on the other side of that mist, beckoning you to step through. Dare not stay too long reveling in everlasting beauty and abundance or you may find that you can never leave. 


Features notes of cedarwood, frankincense, rose, patchouli, vetiver and opopanax. Woody, floral, earthy. This blend is fomulated to support psychic abilites and tapping into spiritual power. Apply to annoint body or magical tools.


Ingredients: essential oils and organic jojoba oil. 


Handcrafted at The Wren + The Raven. 


10 ml glass roll-on bottle 

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