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A Note of the Future of

The Wren + The Raven

From Owner, Molly

Learn all the ins and outs of tea!


This class will teach what tea is (and what it isn’t), how to make the perfect cup, how to store tea properly, and most importantly- how to honor the plant and incorporate it into your Magical Practice. We’ll dive into health benefits and some basic herbalism; creating your own tea ritual; using tea as an offering for ancestors/spirit/etc; as well as metaphysical elements of some of the most popular herbs! Finally we’ll touch on tea leaf reading, or tasseography.


By the end of the this class, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Tea Master! Tea has long been a personal passion of Bridgette's, and as a tea professional she loves sharing all that tea has to offer. Come thirsty as we will be turning the shop into a little tea bar and taste all kinds of tea! Get ready to entice the mind and the body with this one.

Crafted and taught by Bridgette the Strange Witch

Friday, Feb. 23rd | 7-9:30 pm


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