Tarot Workshop


May 21, 2022

10-11 a.m.

Get in touch with your intuitive side for a chill morning of card reading. Whether you’re on your own or want to bring a friend, the Tarot Workshop is an opportunity to hone your practice in a laid back collaborative way. We’ll use this hour to read cards and grab insights from each other, guided by Bridgette from Chelsea Moon Tarot. Come with your cards and an open mind. All levels are welcome.

$20 for one participant or $30 if you bring a friend! 

New Class!

Foundations of Tarot Class

Foundations of tarot K_edited_edited_edited.jpg

About the instructor: Bridgette has long been interested in the intersection between spirituality and the human experience. She's chased this passion throughout her life, studying various religions, philosophies ,and all manner of esoteric beliefs. She believes that within all these tools lies the opportunity to better understand ourselves and others. 

With her eclectic background, she applies this principle to the Tarot - seeking not to predict the future, but to uncover our truest selves and engage with them to manifest the best our lives can be. Tarot is not about seeing all that is yet to pass, but understanding who we are and what our potential could be. Bridgette hopes to utilize these skills to enrich the lives of everyone around her.

This class is based on the Smith-Waite tarot deck, and provides all the tools needed to start reading with confidence. During this information-rich course you will: 

  • Break the gates and demystify the cards by learning the history of tarot.

  • Get to know each card and their basic meaning with an exclusive tarot tool made just for you.

  • Learn methods of reading preparation and how to interpret spreads. 

  • Explore how to develop trust in your intuition while reading tarot. 

 Our Foundations of Tarot class will set you up for many successful readings to come! 

*Please note that you will need a Smith-Waite/Rider-Waite tarot deck for Foundations of Tarot. You are welcome to bring your own or purchase one at our shop at a 10% discount that you will receive for booking this course. 

May 27, 2022
7-9 p.m.