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traits | correspondences | applications
of numbers 0-10

Interested in learning the language of numbers? Then this class is for you! It is designed to help you incorporate Pythagorean Numerology in your life, whether that be to help make mundane decisions, amp up your intuition to see more signs and omens, assist you in creating sigils for magical workings, grow your Tarot practice, or even help you choose your very own magical name.


We will review the general concept of what Numerology is, a brief overview of its history in Western culture, and then deep-dive on the magical and metaphysical properties of the numbers 0-10. For each number, we’ll discuss its themes, astrological correspondence, strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits. We will also review how to find important numbers in your life based on your name, your birthday, etc.

Magic is everywhere, this class will help you find more of it!

Crafted and taught by Bridgette the Strange Witch

Thursday, Nov. 16th | 7-9 pm


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