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Foundations of Tarot

history | deck structure | learn to start reading

This class is based on the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, and provides all the tools needed to start reading with confidence. During this information-rich course you will: 

  • Break the gates and demystify the cards by learning the history of tarot.

  • Get to know each card and their basic meaning with an exclusive tarot tool made just for you.

  • Learn methods of reading preparation and how to interpret spreads. 

  • Explore how to develop trust in your intuition while reading tarot. ​​

Our Foundations of Tarot class will set you up for many successful readings to come! 


This class is crafted and taught by Bridgette The Strange Witch

Wednesday, Jan. 31st | 7-9 pm


Virtual (via Zoom)

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