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part educational forum | part social circle | part coven 

Farewell for Now Potluck 

Join us for our final CommuniCraft gathering at 25 Broadway! Let's take this opportunity to spend time together and say farewell to the physical space that has been home to The Wren + The Raven for the last 3 years.


Admission is free but please bring a potluck dish to share!

 Drinks, plates, utensils, and cups will be provided. 

Wednesday, June 12th | 7-9pm

CommuniCraft is a monthly gathering of like-minded people looking to exchange ideas, explore relevant topics and learn from each other. Part educational forum, part social circle, and part coven; CommuniCraft’s goal is to provide a space where folks can explore the magic of connection to learning, to community, and to themselves. 

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