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A Note of the Future of
The Wren + The Raven
from Owner, Molly

It's with bittersweet emotions that I share that we have decided to bring the brick and mortar version of The Wren + The Raven to an end. The brand is not going away but the retail shop is closing. 


The original intentions behind starting this business were primarily about building community and getting to be creative. And while I have had the opportunity to do both, the realities of running a retail business mostly by myself have made it difficult to focus on either. In the end, doing business in this form is simply bringing more stress than joy so it's become clear it's time to evolve. I am looking forward to creating the next version of W+R that feels more aligned. 


To our community: I want to say thank you. I am sincerely grateful for all of your support. I have gotten to meet so many wonderful people over the past few years. Customers, vendors, readers, facilitators, and friends: I appreciate every one of you. It has been a privilege getting to watching folks learn, explore, and connect with themselves and each other in this shop. 


I hope The Wren + The Raven has been a place of safety and magic for you.


Please rest assured that although the physical space is going away we fully intend for our community to continue and evolve with us. This is not goodbye!


June will be our last month open. We are having a closing sale of 15% off all items effective immediately. Our furniture, decor and display items are for sale as well. More information on that can be found below. 


Please continue to stay tuned on our social media pages and our mailing list. We will have more information about what's coming next for The Wren + The Raven 


Here's to letting go and letting things transform.


With gratitude,


FAQ about our store closing

When will you officially be closed?  

We will officially be out of the space on June 30th. 

Will merchandise be discounted? 

Yes! 15% off storewide effective immediately! 

What's the deal with furniture and display items being for sale? 

Essentially everything in the shop is for sale! If you decide to purchase a piece of furniture/decor we will ask for payment upfront and then mark the item as "sold." You will have the opportunity to come pick it up in mid-late June unless a different arrangement is made.

What about the green couch? Is that for sale too?

It will be! We have decided to do a blind auction for it with a portion going to charity. We will announce more info on how you can participate on Saturday 5/25 via social media and our mailing list. 

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