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Astological Birth Chart Readings

with Cassandra Londono

Each 30 minute reading involves breaking down and decoding your astrological chart, and the interpretation of planetary signs and placements collectively to gain deeper insight into yourself, your relationship(s) and your life path. Cassandra provides three types of readings: 


1) Relationship Reading: includes a synergy and composite chart. Requires the birth info of both people in the relationship. 


2) Personal Reading: includes a natal and progressed chart, as well as current and upcoming transits overview. Requires birth info of client.


3) Location Astrology Reading: includes exploration of what to expect upon moving or traveling. Requires birth info as well as location(s) interested in moving or traveling to (maximum 3 locations).


*Please note: birth info includes time and city of birth. We will reach out to you upon booking to gather birth info and identify which type of reading you would like. 

Saturday, Sept. 2nd | 10am-5pm



About the Reader: Cassandra has had a lifelong passion and interest in the stars and delved into the world of astrology, tarot, dream interpretation and more during her time in high-school. In her adult life, she continued doing readings for friends and family until finally deciding to learn more deeply the complex world of astrological chart reading. She attended the Los Angeles Astrology School and took her understanding of astrology to a whole new level. She believes astrology is a powerful tool to better understanding ourselves and the paths in our lives as well as providing insight and clarity during confusing times and loves to share this insight with others.

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